While climate change and sustainability are important issues for many businesses and companies, both old and new, it’s not just big companies that need to address it. Many governments are taking charge and hiring expert consultants with the experience and know-how to consult on changes they can make for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Climate change is closely tied to the role of governments. With global warming on the rise comes rising sea levels, which can interfere with the passage of supplies between countries and interfere with domestic and international travel. Home along the coast will be affected, as well as causing severe weather like storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms. These affect roads, travel, infrastructure, and more, all of which are the government’s problem to deal with. Attacking them in a proactive versus a retroactive way is logical, forward thinking, environmentally and fiscally responsible.

Features of these plans to prevent the impact of climate change include protecting species in the area as well as their natural habitats and ecosystems. This can be implemented as early as childhood for those in schools to start learning about and acting on. Other features include managing water resources and focusing on those communities and neighbourhoods that will be hit the hardest by the effects of climate change. Financial support is provided for those families and communities to start living a greener life, for example with the help of more sustainable heating systems and solar or hydro energy.

This is all a contribution to reduce carbon emissions and protect those that will be greatest affected by climate change effects: the poorer families and communities, lower-funded areas, animals, wildlife, and ecosystems. It is a huge responsibility of the government and one they need to focus on. It will, after all, benefit everybody in the long, rich or poor, young or old. Let’s start focusing on our future now, before it’s too late to do anything to combat the effects of climate change and global warming. Now is the time we should be acting, and we have all the tools and knowledge to act.