The world is moving towards adopting green policies upon the realisation that mother nature can no longer absorb the excesses of human activities. World Nations and global leaders have in the past three decades shouted aloud on the need for people, business corporations and governments to take responsibility for the deterioration of the environment.

The result of this sustained pressure and concerted efforts has been a gradual adoption of eco-friendly climate house technologies to replace the old ones that have been proven to degrade the environment. The global goals signed up by World Nations, leading up to 2030 encourage the sustainable exploitation of resources and scaling up of green solutions. One solution is the construction of passive houses. In this article, see some reasons why your next construction project needs to follow this design.

Achieves Energy Efficiency

Passive houses are designed to use renewable energy such as solar and wind to power household and office activities. The great benefit of these sources of energy is that they have no emissions, unlike primary sources such as coal and oil. These emissions are the major cause of ozone layer depletion, global warming and climate change. Renewable energy is also cheaper to maintain after the initial installation cost.


Contrary to common misconception, green technologies are not unaffordable. The initial cost of building a passive house is comparable to conventional designs, if not cheaper. Moreover, with passive house design, you do need to worry about the regular power bills from the utility company. As long as the sun is out or the wind is blowing, you are assured of the power to run crucial home or office activities. In a nutshell, passive house design requires little maintenance in its lifetime hence saving you money.


Green efforts, such as passive houses are not a waste of time. The desire to save the planet for coming generations is the greatest inspiration. Future generations deserve nothing less.